Inouye Sk

• functie: Professor in Geneeskunde
• contactgegevens: Hebrew Senior Life, Aging Brain Center, 1200 Centre St. Roslindale, MA 02131, Tel. 617/363-8020, E-mail: ude.dravrah.acrh|eyuoninorahs#ude.dravrah.acrh|eyuoninorahs
• publicaties:
-Inouye SK, Sox HC. Standard and computed tomography in the evaluation of neoplasms of the chest. A comparative efficacy assessment. Ann Intern Med. 1986 Dec; 105(6):906-24.
-Inouye SK, Horwitz RI, Tinetti ME, Berkman LF. Acute confusional states in the hospitalized elderly; Incidence, risk factors, and complications. American Geriatrics Society. 1989.
-Inouye SK, van Dyck CH, Alessi CA, Balkin S, Siegal AP, Horwitz RI. Clarifying confusion: the confusion assessment method. A new method for detection of delirium. Ann Intern Med. 1990 Dec 15; 113(12):941-8.

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